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AAJA's Young Professionals' Network is here to help you navigate your career with resources, networking and support.

AAJA's young professionals network, called Yung AAJA within the family, was founded in 2017 as a Facebook meme group and a way for early-career journalists to meet friendly faces at convention. Since then, the Yung affinity group has steadily grown to a 600+ member Facebook group, and expanded to a 200+ member Slack channel, all while holding panels, webinars and social events to connect its members all around the country. Yung is one of the largest affinity groups in AAJA. Yung also stands up for early-career journalists and supports inclusive work cultures for the youngest members in newsrooms. The group also offers annual programming to the AAJA conventionIn 2021, the young professionals network co-authored a statement with AAJA headquarters directed at Conde Nast to demonstrate inclusivity for members of the AAPI community.


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